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January 2020

Higher Output Power
for USB-P5/P12

Lumi-Con's Bike Harvester P5 und P12 are now available with 50% higher output power. This means an output current of up to 1.5A at the 5V USB port. in addition, further improvements at the output driver lead to better charging behaviour at modern high end smartphones.

  September 2019

Feedback from Customers

Some News from our Customers

Jochen H. from Berlin wrote us about our harvester (translated):

"... thank you very much for your great "Harvester".

2450 km and 21000 hm (difference in altitude) I have done this summer. From Berlin via Slowenia and Croatia and back to Munich. Many mountains, plenty of crushed stone road, a lot of distance with pushed bike. During 23 days I never needed a mains plug to charge the harvester. My Garmin, my i-pod, my mobile and my tent light, there was allways energy left. Even if I forgot to charge my mobile during the day, there was enough energy left in the harvester. Heat and heavy rain had no effect on the operation.

Thank you for the great harvester,

best regards Jochen H."

Two real Globetrotters from Erlangen/Bavaria

started biking to Singapure with our Harvester. Read more on their homepage (in German).

Our customer Christoher L. from Bordeaux reported from a furhter test report of the online news Cyclingabout (in Englisch).

  January 2019

Neuer Professional Bike Energy Harvester USB-P5

Lumi-Con's Professional Bike Harvester USB-P5

is now available.

The new Professional Bike Energy-Harvester has a compact design and simple mounting features. It features an enormously increased charging current from hub dynamo.

The new dedsigned dynamo charger circuit allows charging currents up to 1A into the battery at speeds between 15 to 35km/h (see fig. below). The respective power is 8W out of a "normal" hub dyanmo.

For charging from mains a new USB-booster was developed which is powered from a standard USB mains charger. (Micro-USB-Plug, 5V/2A).


The Harvester USB-P5 offers a 5V-USB-Unit with up to 1A output current - compatible to all usual smartphones. The harvester is buffered with a battery unit with a capacity of 21Wh, thus it can be used independent from bike charging for a long time (e. g. as powerbank or if the bike stands). The harvester has two independent charging inputs, one is fixed permanently to the hub dynamo, the other can be connected to a mains charger.

Specification Overview

Battery capacity 21Wh - cells can be exchanged
Display (3 LEDs) for charging, reday, empty
Package 112 x 62 x 31mm
Simple mounting at the bike
Safe against rain and splash water from 5 sides (connector side to be mounted downwards)

Supplied Parts within Harvester Set

Lumi-Con's Energy-Harvester USB-P5
  with a battery capacity of 21Wh
USB cable USB-A -> USB-Micro-B
Mains charger USB-5V/2A
Mounting material
Detailed description

An optional Mounting Set is available to allow detachable mounting of the harvester. With this set you can easily remove the harvester from bike and use it elsewhere (e. g. as power bank in tent or for recharging in hotel from mains).

Read more on our
product pages or in the datasheet.